GalFid funding opportunity

The aim of the African Radio Interferometry Winter School is to give students an allround introduction to radio astronomy, specifically as it relates to MeerKAT. We will therefore support a limited number (10, ten) students to attend the Galactic Fidelity (GalFid) workshop (PI: Dr. Gyula I. G. Józsa) to take  place during January 2022 in Stellenbosch.

Processing MeerKAT data requires new methodologies and pipeline processing algorithms. Although such software and applications have been (and are being) developed, and standard recipes exist that can be blindly implemented to process data, an operating mode which fits all astronomical applications does not exist. You will be required to apply your preparation from ARWIS to understand the pipelines that will be used in the GalFid event, and GalFid relies on this preparation to get quickly into pipeline processing of MeerKAT radio data.

Through this collaboration with the GalFid workshop, African Radio Interferometry Winter School can allow students to get practical hands-on training to process very large raw MeerKAT data files.

Interested students are encouraged to fill in the ARIWS funding application form

For practical/COVID reasons financial support will be available to students currently studying in South African. Funding will be toward subsidising travel and accommodation expenses.

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

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