Call for Supervisors to Submit Postgraduate (MSc & PhD) Research Project Proposals for 2025 is now open

To: Supervisors and Designated Authorities (DAs)

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory invites all supervisors to submit Project Proposals for Postgraduate Research for 2025, for the Closing Date of 29 February 2024.

Focus Areas for Doctoral and Masters Research in 2025


Topics exploiting data projected to be available by 2024 from key existing radio astronomy instruments located in South Africa. These include MeerKAT, HERA, C-BASS, early versions of HIRAX, and HartRAO facilities (including astrometry and geodesy applications). Amongst these, MeerKAT is the highest priority area. Multi-wavelength projects with direct links to the above will be considered.


Engineering topics should be directly related to the needs of building and operating radio telescopes that are supported or hosted by SARAO. Proposed projects must provide the student with skills that are critical to radio astronomy and geodesy, and proposals should explicitly list these skills. Priority will be given to topics that fall within the areas listed here:

  1. Antenna, receiver, (analogue and digital) signal processing, data analysis and data recording systems associated with radio telescopes and geodesy instruments supported and hosted by SARAO.
  2. Real-time digital signal processing instrumentation for radio astronomy, specifically using FPGA and GPU platforms. This includes work associated with MeerKAT User Supplied Equipment (USE) that is done in collaboration with the providers of this instrumentation.
  3. Hardware and data analysis systems for detecting, monitoring and locating sources of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), including the use of telescope data (e.g., using MeerKAT or HERA visibilities to locate RFI sources).
  4. Hardware, software, and data analytic systems associated with the control and monitoring of radio telescopes.
  5. Engineering aspects of the testing, qualification and commissioning of radio telescopes and their prototypes. (MEng/MSc only).

Please Refer to the Attached Application Guide and Proposal Structure Documents for Important Information Regarding the Format of the Proposals and Submission Details.

Proposals as well as clarity-seeking questions should be submitted to before the closing date.  NO late applications will be considered.

Download SARAO – HCD – Structure and Information for Proposals for SARAO-Funded Postgraduate Research for 2025

Download SARAO – HCD – Proposals for SARAO-Funded Postgraduate Research for 2025 – Application Guide (pdf)