Introducing the 2022 StarBiz Grand Challenge: For doing the impossible

November is known as the National Entrepreneurship Month. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the SARAO Commercialisation team is launching the 4th round of StarBiz. The StarBiz Ideation Challenge is an internal innovation program aimed at providing staff members with the opportunity to develop innovative, commercialisable products that are beneficial to the market.

The 2022 Grand Challenge is aimed at fostering innovation to solve complex problems at SARAO that require significant action through coordinated and collaborative efforts. Pick your problem from the three thematic areas, pick your team, pick your solution and build for the future…

Don’t want to be project ideator but want to join a team? We’ve got you covered! Each employee has three tokens allocated to indicate interest in joining a team. Use your tokens wisely!

Head on to the SARAO Intranet ( and start your project. Entries close on Friday, 27 January 2023. For any queries contact: