Preserving Cultural Heritage: Medicinal and Edible Plants of Bushmanland

The bilingual book “Medicinal and Edible Plants of Bushmanland” documents the traditional uses of over 60 plant species in southern Bushmanland, with a focus on the Brandvlei, Carnarvon, Loxton, Swartkop, and Vanwyksvlei villages. The book was created to provide feedback and acknowledgement to the 67 participants of an ethnobotanical survey conducted in the region, and to preserve and highlight the unique cultural heritage of the IXam people, the oldest indigenous knowledge system in the world. The book serves as a valuable resource for the people of Bushmanland, especially the youth, to learn about and preserve their ethnobotanical heritage. The publication is an important contribution to the documentation and preservation of traditional knowledge and practices related to plant use in the region.

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