Visitor Information

General Information

  • All visitors to the NRF/SARAO Losberg Site (“the site”) visit these premises at their own risk.
  • All visitors are required to submit signed indemnity forms no less than 5 days before a Public Open Day. Bookings will not be confirmed until a signed indemnity form for each individual in a group has been received by SARAO. Instructions on how to submit a signed online indemnity form will be provided once you have completed and submitted the online booking form.
  • Transport, accommodation and subsistence costs to/from Carnarvon are for the visitor’s own account.
  • Visitors are required to report to the SASSA Hall, corner of Lang and Burger Street, Carnarvon at 08h00 on the day of the Public Open Day for registration.
  • SARAO will provide return transport for all visitors from the SASSA Hall to the site.
  • Transport to the site will depart at exactly 08h30 from the SASSA Hall on the Open Day.
  • Visitors may NOT drive their own vehicles to the site.
  • Due to the risk of radio frequency interference (RFI), visitors may NOT bring mobile telephones or digital cameras to the site. Visitors should lock these away in a vehicle before departure for the site.
  • Visitors can expect to return to the SASSA Hall at around 16h00 on the Public Open Day.
  • Please note that no money or paper documents will be handled on the day.​ Only participants who have paid their fees may accompany the tour. No payments will be accepted on the day.

Bank Details:

    • The cost of the Public Open Day is R350 per person. This includes welcome refreshments, bottled water, a branded gift and an official group photograph to be supplied electronically post-event. Transport to site from Carnarvon is provided by SARAO.
    • Payments must be made to the SARAO bank account (see details provided below), and proof of payment must be emailed to no later than 5 days before the relevant Public Open Day.
    • Bookings cancelled less than 5 days prior to a Public Open Day will not be refunded.

Bank Details:
Bank Name: ABSA
Bank Account Name: SA Square Kilometer Array
Bank Account No.: 4069581693
Bank Branch Code: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
Please use the reference number provided in the booking confirmation e-mail to be sent to the registered e-mail address upon submission of the online booking form.

What to bring

    • Visitors are required to bring their own refreshments and a packed lunch, including cold drinks.
    • In the hot summer months, visitors are recommended to bring at least 1.5 litres of drinking water each. Please note that the water on the site is not drinkable.
    • There are no shops or facilities on the site where visitors can buy food or drinks.
    • There are no microwave ovens, cooking or braai facilities on the site.
    • Visitors are required to be completely self-sufficient with respect to food and drink during the Public Open Day.

What to wear

    • Visitors should wear casual, comfortable clothing.
    • A hat and closed walking shoes are the minimum health and safety requirement when visiting the site. Visitors without these items will not be allowed to depart on the transport from the SASSA Hall to the site.
    • Visitors are advised to bring sunglasses, sunblock, lip balm, as well as a light jacket.
    • Please consult your preferred weather forecast website or app for the predicted weather before departing from your accommodation to the SASSA Hall. Summers in the Bo-Karoo can be very hot with berg winds, while winters can be very cold and windy.

Directions to Carnarvon, Northern Cape

Where to stay in Carnarvon
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Contact information
Please contact Bongiwe Lisa on for more information related to Public Open Days.

Last Updated on April 19, 2023