Terms and Conditions

Visitors acknowledge and confirm that they:

  • recognise that they enter any NRF/SARAO premises (“the premises”) entirely at their own risk, and that they shall have no claim against the NRF, NRF/SARAO or any of its employees, agents, mandataries or independent contractors in respect of any losses, damages, injuries and expenses (”loss”), whether such loss is a result of any negligent act or omission on the part of the NRF or NRF/SARAO or any of its employees, agents, mandataries or independent contractors; by way of the use of defective materials or equipment supplied by the NRF or NRF/SARAO; by way of any human or mechanical error, default or failure occurring on the said premises; or whether such loss occurs from any other cause, nothing at all except;
  • are aware of - and recognise the inherent hazards and risks that exist on premises of this nature, and to which they might be exposed, and voluntarily accept all such hazards and risks;
  • accept that the use of NRF or NRF/SARAO transport, or transport provided by NRF/SARAO, is entirely at their own risk; and
  • indemnify the NRF, its Board, executive management, management, employees, officers, agents and representatives against any liability, claim or legal proceedings instituted by themselves or any third party;
  • are aware of restrictions relating to radio frequency interference (RFI) on the site and that the restrictions apply to the possession and operation of any equipment that may radiate radio frequency energy;
  • will consciously, through any activity or inactivity on their part, avoid causing RFI on the site, and that they will not bring any prohibited equipment onto the site, or operate equipment for which they do not have permission;
  • will abide by the following regulations:
  • No mobile telephones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two-way radios or other wireless devices are permitted on the site.
  • No cameras, camera equipment, laptops or other electronics are permitted on the site.
  • Only SARAO vehicles are permitted on the site.
  • All non-SARAO vehicles, that have been given prior authorisation by SARAO to enter the site, must park at the Losberg Complex.
  • No petrol vehicles or other spark-gap ignition devices are permitted on the site.
  • may be subjected to mandatory alcohol testing upon entry at any SARAO premises; and
  • accept that the decision to deny access and/or remove any person from a premises is at the absolute discretion of SARAO.