Supervisor Contact Details of Approved Postgraduate Research Projects for 2024

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) offers scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships for students and researchers interested in pursuing radio astronomy research in South Africa.

No.Your Full Name (Title, First Name and Surname)Name of University (where postdoctoral fellow will be registered /
Your Email AddressYour Area/s of Research Specialisation
1Prof Mattia VaccariUniversity of Cape Learning Applications in Astronomy, Multi-Wavelength Galaxy/AGN Evolution, Multi-Wavelength Time-Domain Surveys
2Dr Jacinta DelhaizeUniversity of Cape evolution, extragalactic HI and radio continuum surveys, AGN, source finding
3Dr Kshitij ThoratUniversity of galaxies, Machine Learning applications to multiwavelength data
4Dr Kenda KnowlesRhodes clusters, Magnetism, Radio galaxies
5Dr Jack RadcliffeUniversity of evolution, AGN feedback, VLBI surveys (science or technical), SKA
6Prof Kavilan MoodleyUKZNkavilan.moodley@gmail.comRadio cosmology, 21cm intensity mapping, diffuse emission in galaxy clusters
7Dr Lucia MarchettiUniversity of Cape Galaxy/AGN Formation and evolution, Strong gravitational lensing, Big Data visualisation techniques
8Prof Lerothodi LeeuwUniversity of the Western Cape, Cape, Evolution. Epoch of Reionization, Astro-Particle Physics. Physics Communication and Education
9Prof Tinus StanderUniversity of and mm-wave electronics, microelectronics and receivers
10Prof. Yin-Zhe MaStellenbosch University/, intensity mapping, radio galaxy survey, Epoch of Reionization, Radio search for dark matter
11Dr Marcellin AtemkengRhodes interferometric techniques, Machine learning for radio astronomy, Big data and learning algorithms
12Prof James ChibuezeNorth-West University/UNISAjames.chibueze@gmail.comExploring the 3D structure of the Milky Way using the MeerKAT Galactic Plane Legacy Survey
13Prof Oleg SmirnovRhodes techniques, calibration and imaging algorithms, radio astronomy software
14Dr Geoff BeckUniversity of the indirect dark matter searches
15Prof Amanda WeltmanUniversity of Cape Radio Bursts, Radio Cosmology, Dark Energy, fundamental physics
16Dr Marisa GeyerUniversity of Cape, transients, fundamental physics, gravitational radiation
17Prof. Matt HiltonUniversity of the clusters, diffuse radio emission in clusters, galaxy evolution (star formation and AGNs in/around cluster environments)
18Prof. Mario SantosUniversity of the Western with radio telescopes, 21cm intensity mapping with MeerKAT and the SKA. Reionization and the HERA telescope
19Prof Roger DeaneUniversity of the lensing with MeerKAT(+); Galaxy Evolution with VLBI Surveys; binary SMBHs
20A/Prof. Sarah BlythUniversity of Cape and galaxy evolution in the LADUMA survey
21Dr Alvaro de la Cruz-DombrizUniversity of Cape structure, indirect dark matter detection, theoretical cosmology, black holes
22Dr. Gianni BernardiRhodes cosmology, galaxy clusters, fast radio bursts, interferometric techniques (calibration and imaging).
23Prof Matthys BothaStellenbosch electromagnetics for radiation and scattering analysis

Last Updated on June 5, 2023