South African Radio Astronomy Observatory Diploma in Engineering Technology Scholarship Programme – 2020

South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) is pleased to announce provisional awards for 2020 in the following categories:
Bachelor of Engineering Technology Scholarship Programme

Successful candidates will be sent letters of award by e-mail. Please note that this is a provisional list of awards and that successful candidates will still need to meet the SARAO requirements prior to release of funds.

Thembi MokwanaCentral University of Technology
Gcina MkhwanaziDurban University of Technology
Dzunisani NkunaUniversity of Johannesburg
Desmond KhumaloCentral University of Technology
Jesse PooranDurban University of Technology
Blessing NdhlovuDurban University of Technology
Samuel NkeliVaal University of Technology

Application Guideline

Bachelor of Engineering Technology
1.1. Universities of Technology are in the process of phasing out the National Diploma and the Bachelor of Technology (NQF7).
2. Eligibility for a SARAO Bachelor of Engineering Technology Scholarship
The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) will accept applications from:
2.1. South African citizens or permanent residents.
2.2. Students who wish to study, or are studying, one of the following degree:
2.2.1. Bachelor of Engineering Technology: Electronics, or
2.2.2. Bachelor of Engineering Technology: Mechanical
2.3. Students who have achieved a minimum of 70% in Mathematics and Physical Science in Grade 12, or a minimum average of 60% for Bachelor of Engineering subjects.
3. Structure and Value of SARAO Bachelor of Engineering Scholarship in 2020
3.1. The duration of a SARAO degree bursary is:
3.1.1. Three years for a first year student
3.1.2. Two years for a second years student
3.1.3. One year for a third year student
3.2. The Bachelor of Engineering Technology bursary for 2020 is R110 000. However, this bursary value may be adjusted to take into account changes in university fees and inflation.
4. Conditions of Award of a SARAO Bachelor of Engineering Technology
4.1. Students are required to submit proof of registration at their university of technology, to SARAO. No funds for a scholarship will be released until SARAO has received the proof of registration.
4.2. A scholarship from SARAO is renewable every six months, for the duration of the scholarship, at the sole discretion of SARAO, and is subject to satisfactory academic performance by the student. Students must achieve a minimum of 60% average in each semester. Students who do not obtain a minimum of 60% average may not receive further funding from the SARAO.
4.3. Students who do not obtain the degree for which the scholarship was awarded, relinquish their studies, or leave the tertiary institution during the period for which the scholarship was awarded, will have to refund all payments of the scholarship already received.
4.4. Students are allowed to hold supplementary grants, during this scholarship, to a maximum of 50% of the SARAO award, but he/she must inform the SARAO via his/her university of technology, of such awards.
4.5. If a student wishes to change his / her field of study, or the University of Technology, for which the scholarship was offered, he / she must provide a motivation to SARAO for approval, prior to any changes. SARAO is under no obligation to continue support if the changes do not align with the original criteria on which the scholarship offers was made.
4.6. On completion of the studies supported by means of an SARAO scholarship, students are required to submit a copy of their degree to SARAO.
4.7. On completion of their degree, students may be required to undergo an internship with SARAO, for a period of one year, if the internship is offered to him/her.
4.8. On completion of their internship, students are required to accept employment with SARAO, for a period of three years, if employment is offered to him/her. This condition may be waived for a student, at the sole discretion of SARAO, and following the submission of a motivation from the student.

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Closing date for applications: 23 September 2019.

Last Updated on December 2, 2019