NRF/SARAO SDP/09/2022-23

Supply, delivery and installation of lto-9 tape drives and media for existing ibm ts4500 tape library and warranty extension

NRF/SARAO SKA1/07/2022-23

Supply and delivery of Optical Fibre Drop Cables with 5-Year Warranty

NRF/SARAO PEP6/10/2022-23

Appointment of a Contractor to remove internal fences at SANPARKS National Park, Northern Cape for a period of 12 months

NRF/SARAO SDP/06/2022-23

Supply, Installation and Configuration of Data Storage Servers and Monitor Servers

NRF/SARAO SOPS/35/2021-22

Maintenance of 3 diesel rotary uninterrupted power supply (DRUPS) X 1250KVA Euro-Diesel Generators on the SARAO Karoo Site for a period of 3 years

NRF/SARAO PEP6/25/2021/22

Appointment of a contractor to Renovate and Repair Buildings on Five Farmsteads to be used as Ranger Outposts by SANPARKS in The National Park, Northern Cape for a period of eight months

NRF/SARAO SJHB/03/2021-22

RE-ADVERTISEMENT – Provision of 295 days design and construction works for conversion of commercial office space at NRF Observatory Building, Observatory, Johannesburg

NRF/SARAO SSTC/21/2020-21

Scientific study to Gauge the Socio-Economic Impact and Perceptions of the MEERKAT / SKA Telescope Project (Re-Advertisement)

NRF/SARAO SAGA/22/2021-22

Supply, installation, commissioning and provision of ongoing support for free WIFI Hot Spots in four towns within the Karoo central astronomy advantage areas in the Northern Cape Province for a period of three years

NRF/SARAO SDIG/24/2021-22

Supply, Delivery and Support of the Data Network Ethernet Switches and Interconnect for the MeerKAT Extension Project over a period of 5 years