NRF SARAO RFI 002 2019

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Design, Manufacture and Delivery of Remote Station Shielded EMC Enclosures

BID Reference: NRF SARAO RFI 002 2019

Closing date: 24 January 2020 11:00 am

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The SARAO Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) team has a need to deploy commercial-off-theshelf
(COTS) and in-house developed hardware at different locations. The enclosures needed are for two existing remote stations, both stations are located approximately 20km from the SARAO core site, with a further two remote stations, planned for, and a Fixed RFI Monitoring Station on top of Losberg. The hardware mentioned above generates radio frequency emissions, therefore it is necessary to shield the equipment in a powered, shielded enclosure such that these emissions do not interfere with the MeerKAT radio telescope.

Five shielded enclosures are required for the three following systems:
(1) 2 x ComRAD Passive Coherent Location (PCL) System
(2) 1 x Losberg Fixed RFI Monitoring Station (RMS)
(3) 2 x ComRAD Solar Power System

An option for four additional systems may be required -
(1) 2 x ComRAD Passive Coherent Location (PCL) System
(2) 2 x ComRAD Solar Power System


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