NRF/SARAO SDP/46/2020-21

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Supply and delivery of Server Equipment as Hot-Spares for an existing environment with extended warranty

BID Reference: NRF/SARAO SDP/46/2020-21

Due Date: 18 January 2021 11:00 am

Electronic submissions must be sent to Bids must be submitted in two separate password-protected zip folders, one with the compliance and technical response, and the second with the financial response. Folders must be titled with the bidder’s company name and folder title. Attachments are limited to 25 MB per email. Bidders are to send an email to post submission with their passwords and to confirm that their bids have been received, and this will be confirmed by SARAO via email.

Notice of extension of bid closing date

Bid Invitation

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The SARAO Science Data Processing (SDP) section operates a significant computing system in support of the processing and storage of Astronomy products of the various telescopes operated by SARAO. Due to ongoing operational changes, we require the expansion of certain capabilities of this computing system, mostly in the form of additional computing servers to match those already deployed.

This bid is therefore for the supply of additional computing servers which will act as hot spares for servers already in use. All equipment supplied must include a 5-year basic next business day warranty.

Interested parties must either be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the equipment specified, or an authorised reseller.


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