NRF/SARAO SKA1/07/2022-23

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Readvertised: Supply and delivery of Optical Fibre Drop Cables with 5-Year Warranty

BID Number: NRF/SARAO SKA1/07/2022-23

Closing date and time: Friday, 24 June 2022, 11.00 AM

Note: Submissions received after 11.00AM will be NOT be accepted

Compulsory / Non-compulsory Briefing Session: N/A

Bid Submission: Electronic submissions must be sent to

Bids must be submitted in two separate electronic folders, one with the compliance and technical response, and the second with the financial response.

Technical submissions must be in searchable PDF format.

Folders must be titled with the bidder’s company name and folder title. Attachments are limited to 25 MB per email.

Bidders may use WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar file sharing applications to submit their bid submissions.

SARAO requires optical fibre drop cable containing G. 657A1 and OM4 optical fibres to be used in MeerKAT Extension and SKA1-Mid projects respectively. It forms part of the DFN subsystem and transports data and timing signal from the equipment at the focus of the dish to the dish pedestal (see figure 2). The antenna is steerable and the cable is thus subjected to repeated bending over its 30 years lifetime. Due to the sensitive timing signal requirements, it is a requirement that this cable has a loose tube construction.

Re-Advertisement - NRF SARAO SKA1 07 2022-23.pdf
Re-Advertisement - NRF SARAO SKA1 07 2022-23.pdf
Bid Document.pdf
Bid Document.pdf

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