Bids cancelled

The following bids have been cancelled:

SARAO RFQ SNET 001 2020/21
Supply, installation and commissioning of new Batteries and Battery Rack for SARAO CHPC UPS

Tender Number : NRF SARAO CBDM 001 2019
Supply, installation and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the NRF including software, licensing, and implementation services for standard corporate functions/modules to ensure the successful integration and implementation of an ERP system. REASONS FOR CANCELLATION: – SPECIFICATION REVIEW.

SKA S2SM 001 2017
Development, supply and delivery of a cable transportation system for a radio telescope in Ghana

SKA SA SAIR 001 2017
Provision of air charter services

NRF/SKA M1120-0000-028 Rev 1
REV 1: Manufacture of 68 off L Band and UHF Band Receivers for MeerKAT

SKA SAA1 001/2013
The provision of design and build services for the infrastructure at the Maluana Radio Astronomy Observatory, Mozambique

SKA PEP6 001/2013
The provision of professional engineering services (pre-construction phase) SKA 1


Nolwazi Mthembu
Supply Chain Manager
Call: +27 (0)21 506 7300