Radio Astronomy for Beginners

Course Description

Basic projects and notebooks are presented to help build an understanding of the most fundamental principles behind radio astronomy.

These simple tutorials and projects present various aspects of radio astronomy such as the Fourier Transform, interferometric imaging and radio astronomy data processing in Python notebooks that do not require access to telescopes and can be executed in the classroom, as well as at home.

The reader is encouraged to pursue independent research on each topic after working through the notebooks. Please see the Materials Tab for links to workbooks and other resources.

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For attendees new to GitHub and/or Google COLAB, it is advised to:

  • View the presentations in the GitHub for Astronomers short course in order to set up an account and get a little more familiar with GitHub and Git repositories
    (Click here to view)
  • Under the MeerKAT Student Community section you can find a short tutorial video on COLAB. This video demonstrates basic interaction and execution of IPython notebooks using the Google COLAB mini cloud platform.
    (Click here to view)


All project documentation and IPython notebooks are available in the Radio Astronomy for Beginners GitHub repository
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Additional training workbooks from other telescopes can be found on the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) web site
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