The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), promotes the public awareness, understanding and appreciation of SKA and its research, science, innovation and technology outputs.

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), is responsible for the development of partnerships that will see the production of resources targeted at the public; the training of content specialists and science communicators, including the media, to engage with the public; the implementation of public events that encourage discussion and debate; and the monitoring and evaluation of all public engagement initiatives.

In this space, you will find free resources to support the public awareness of astronomy, radio astronomy and the SKA project.

If you would like to partner with The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), on an initiative that will promote the public awareness of the SKA, email your bright idea to events@ska.ac.za.

arrow Radio astronomy
In much the same way that you tune your radio to listen to your favourite music, radio astronomers can tune their telescopes to pick up the radio waves that come from quasars, other distant galaxies and the cosmic microwave background that are millions of light years from the Earth. Find out more about radio waves, radio telescopes, radio astronomy, and what is happening with radio astronomy in South Africa.

arrow Mission MeerKAT cartoon series
Mission MeerKAT explains how radio astronomy works and why this pathfinder telescope is being built in the Karoo. Download the Collector’s Edition which includes all three episodes or each episode individually.

arrow Shared Sky exhibition
Shared Sky is the SKA’s international indigenous art/astronomy exhibition. Shared Sky stems from a vision by the SKA to bring together, under one sky, Aboriginal Australian and South African artists in a collaborative exhibition celebrating humanity’s ancient cultural wisdom.

arrow Innovation
Innovation at SARAO is aimed at encouraging staff members to use their expertise and experience to develop innovative commercialisation projects that either use SARAO technology or provide solutions to projects within SARAO.

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Did you know?

The SKA South Africa Project, including the MeerKAT telescope, is one of the biggest science and engineering projects in South Africa.