Newsletter about SKA SA activities, projects, progress and outreach activities.

#1 / 2017

This issue features:

Producing MeerKAT images with unlikely algorithm

Minister and deputy ministers visit

HERA awarded funding millions in funding

Leading US astronomer visits

#1 / 2016

This issue features:

How will we find the unknown unknowns?

From 4 of the eventual 64 dishes produce test image

Major milestone – SKA selects final dish design

Ten legacy project teams share

#1 / 2015

This issue features:

Dr Bernie Fanaroff: handing over the reins

HERA questions how we came to be

Shared Sky now under African skies

Max Planck Society invests €11 million in SKA

#1 / 2014

This issue features:

UKZN researchers join PAPER

A brighter future for the kids of Carnarvon

SKA dream a reality for technician

George Nicolson: radio astronomy pioneer

#3 / 2013

This issue features:

The Karoo’s finest runway is ready

Founding scientist moves closer to his vision

Just getting started: MeerKAT challenges

Technical work on SKA dishes kicks off

#2 / 2013

This issue features:

Getting ready for the MeerKAT radio telescope

Towards a network of radio telescopes across Africa

SKA Africa – A space for women

Students and postdocs supported by SKA SA

#1 / 2013

This issue features:

MeerKAT – all systems go say project leaders

Industry partners critical to MeerKAT success

Update on the SKA Organisation

Radio astronomy partnerships

#3 / 2012

This issue features:

Celebrating an African science success story

The SKA office’s MeerKAT fact-finding mission

Hard work ahead on the road to the SKA

African universities unite behind the SKA

#2 / 2012

This issue features:

Africa celebrates SKA bid outcome

The SKA is the beginning of great things

A dual site for the SKA – what it really means

MeerKAT infrastructure taking shape

#1 / 2012

This issue features:

Ambitious road ahead for SA radio astronomy

Calls for radio astronomy partnerships with Africa

KAT-7 moving to baseline milestone

Exciting first images and data from KAT-7

#4 / 2011

This issue features:

SKA SA shines at the SKA Forum 2011

The road to the final SKA site decision

More industry contracts for SKA SA

MeerKAT passes design review

#3 / 2011

This issue features:

South Africa’s SKA site is best of both worlds

Making the most of MeerKAT

It doesn’t get much quieter than this

C-BASS eye on the southern sky

#2 / 2011

This issue features:

Commitment towards building the SKA

African astronomy strides ahead at MEARIM II

African Telescope Array on the cards

Radio telescope planned for Mozambique

#1 / 2011

This issue features:

HartRAO-KAT-7 VLBI fringes capability

MeerKAT engineers launch new ROACH board

MeerKAT Science – the Large Survey Projects

Power and connectivity milestones for Karoo

#1 / 2010

This issue features:

Innovative new design for SA’s MeerKAT

New measurements of RFI at sites

Africa unites behind continent’s SKA bid

Global partnerships to meet SKA demands

#2 / 2009

This issue features:

Support confirmed for SKA South Africa

Progress at MeerKAT site and support base

KAT-7 (prototype) system engineering update

C-BASS dish installed at MeerKAT support base

#1 / 2009

This issue features:

SKA challenges and opportunities

Mission MeerKAT 2 launched

SA audiences love Longair’s cosmology

What astronomy outreach is all about

#3 / 2007

This issue features:

KAT-7 and the path to MeerKAT

Astronomy Geographic Advantage Bill

MeerKAT prototype computing subsystem

The MeerKAT XDM antenna structure

#2 / 2007

This issue features:

MeerKAT prototype antenna installed

Feeding the meerKAT prototype

European award for SA astronomy project

SKA champions in South Africa

#1 / 2007

This issue features:

Site open for construction of KAT prototype

First SKA/KAT Bursars Conference

SKA Calibration and Imaging Workshop 2006

Prototype feed horn design update

#4 / 2006

This issue features:

South Africa shortlisted to host the SKA

KAT antenna structure passes critical design review

KAT launch preview

World class logistics for a world class radio telescope

#3 / 2006

This issue features:

KAT prototype kicks off at HartRAO

KAT testbed takes shape in Cape Town

KAT team releases new array configuration tool

HartRAO dishes up exciting science for Minister

#2 / 2006

This issue features:

Evolution of the KAT Science Case

Skills and networks for future astronomy

JIVE Next Generation Correlator Workshop

KAT fact finding mission to the US

#1 / 2006

This issue features:

Minister visits proposed astronomy reserve

Four competing countries to present their SKA

How the KAT is taking shape

KAT funding and astronomy reserve on track