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SKA SA gives full bursaries to five Carnarvon matric learners who obtained exemption to further their studies

8 January 2016

The Square Kilometre Array South Africa (SKA SA) will give full bursaries for undergraduate studies to five matric learners from Carnarvon High School who obtained matric exemptions in the 2015 National Senior Certificate examination.

The learners, all from Carnarvon High School, are set to continue their studies in science related fields and were supported at high school level through bursaries from SKA SA’s Human Capital Development Programme.

Anver Adams (18), Janethon de Klerk (18), Kyle Henderson (18), Cedwill Abdol (17) and Bradley Bosman (17) all performed well in mathematics and physical science and have applied to study in science related fields such as BSc, BSc Computer Science, BSc Data Science, Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of the Free State, Sol Plaatje University, the North West University, the University of the Western Cape and the University of Johannesburg.

“Our goal is to ensure sustainability for the SKA and that site engineers be drawn from the local community and in turn provide a way for local young people to achieve their dreams of greatness through science. It is the first time that learners from the school with support from SKA SA have obtained matric results with exemptions to further their studies in science related fields,” says Dr Rob Adam, Project Director of SKA SA.

Itumeleng Molefi, the physical science educator at Carnarvon High School, could not contain his pride: “Some of the learners come from severely challenging backgrounds and it is only through their own perseverance and determination that they have succeeded. We worked very hard and I am happy to see that they now have the chance to attend university because of their own efforts,” says Molefi.

Bradley Bosman has applied to study for a BSc degree at the University of the Free State. “I am glad that we persevered. It was very difficult at times because we did not have a science teacher in Grade 10. From Grade 11 onwards it was much easier after Mr Molefi joined the school,” says Bradley.

Cedwill Abdol says that he would like to pursue his studies in Computer Science at the University of the Free State after obtaining sterling matric results. “It is a great privilege for me to have this opportunity and I am thankful for all the support that I had. I would like to improve my circumstances and will do anything to achieve my dreams,” he says.

Kyle Henderson, the 2015 head boy at Carnarvon High School, will be a first year student in BSc (Physics and Mathematics) at the North West University this year. “My matric year was made easier knowing that I had the support of SKA SA for further studies. This motivated me to study harder and put in more effort above and beyond attending classes. I am looking forward to my future because I know that I have excellent privileges and opportunities,” says Kyle.

Janethon de Klerk, the head girl at Carnarvon High School in 2015, says that she is motivated to work even harder for her university degree. “What you put in is what you will gain, and I want to work much harder because I do not want to disappoint my sponsors and support team. My results could have been much better, but I have confidence that I am capable of so much more,” she says. Janethon is keen on pursuing a BSc degree at the University of the Free State and has a special interest in astronomy.

Anver Adams, who was a first team rugby player at the school, says he is looking forward to joining the University of the Western Cape for his BSc studies. “The matric year was a great one because I knew that I had the support of SKA SA. I knew that I had to put in all my effort and just pass and the rest will be taken care of. I am proud of my achievements and look forward to the future,” says Anver.

Sam Rametse, Professional Officer: Schools and Outreach in the SKA SA Human Capital Development Programme, says that the organisation is very proud of the learners.

“We are reaping the benefits of appointing a science educator at Carnarvon High School who took the learners from Carnarvon and surrounding areas under his wing. It is due to his hard work that we see this success and we look forward to supporting the students in their further studies,” says Rametse.

The SKA SA Human Capital Development Programme started in 2005 and has assisted more than 730 learners to study in science and engineering related fields at tertiary institutions.

Janethon de Klerk (18, left) conducting a science experiment with a fellow learner at Carnarvon High School.

Cedwill Abdol (17, left) and a fellow learner experimenting in the science class at Carnarvon High School.

Kyle Henderson (18) in the science class at Carnarvon High School.


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