Developing small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

Local business has also been given a boost as SKA SA has partnered with Absa to fund 40 local contractors.

These businesses are subcontractors to NMC Civils, the construction company contracted to build the road between Carnarvon and the Losberg site.

This was preceded by training provided by SKA SA and NMC Civils to 10 local business owners on submitting tenders for the 80 kilometre road upgrade between Carnarvon and the SKA site.

The Kareeberg and Karoohoogland Contractors’ Forum Constitution, established on 22 November 2014, was formed to protect, defend and advance the interests and progress of the local contractors and the surrounding communities. The main aim of the forum is to advance the interests of the contractors by:

  • Promoting Black Economic Empowerment (BEE and BBBBEE);
  • Preventing the exploitation of local contractors;
  • Gathering information and recognising opportunities within the construction and service providers’ industry;
  • Coordinating events and meetings for contractors and service providers;
  • Providing a platform for informal training and sharing experiences;
  • Facilitating training in a structured manner by procuring the services of organisations that provide the training;
  • Arranging and hosting the marketing of contractors through promotions and launches;
  • Providing equal opportunities for all contractors through empowerment;
  • Encouraging and/or coordinating cooperation between the members of the forum;
  • Facilitating the training of members of management;
  • Monitoring the progress and activities of tenders and general events; and
  • Monitoring the social responsibility of projects.

Roadworks on the road between Carnarvon and the SKA SA Losberg premises.

Job creation is booming in Carnarvon and surrounding areas.

Did you know?

10 local business owners received training on submitting tenders for the 80 kilometre road upgrade between Carnarvon and the SKA site.

Last Updated on September 26, 2016

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