Transit of Mercury

11 November 2019

On 11 November 2019, the planet Mercury will pass exactly in between the Earth and the Sun. This Transit of Mercury can be seen from all of Africa. On this day, over a leisurely 5.5 hours, the planet Mercury will move across the disk of the Sun, as it orbits around our parent star. Mercury will enter the face of the Sun around 2:35 CAT in the afternoon, but the Sun will set between mid-transit to end-transit depending on your location.

You will need a small telescope to project the image of the Sun onto a screen to see the Transit. It is important that you take all safety precautions to protect your eyes from danger, and use only the projection method to view the transit.

Download, share and print this poster to let everyone know about the Transit of Mercury, and how to see it safely. The relevant timings are given for each of the SKA AVN African Partner Countries.

This handbook will tell you what the Transit of Mercury is all about, when and how does it occur, what is its historic relevance, and importantly, how to see it safely. Download and share this handbook with fellow science enthusiasts.

If you have a small telescope (with no plastic parts), know how to project the Sun safely, and are organising a public event for the transit anywhere in Africa, register your  event at the following link.

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Episode 16: Transit of Mercury, 11 November 2019

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