Seed Fund Programme

Seed Fund Programme – Application of algorithms from SARAO & SAAO to generate novel algorithms for the medical imaging by Nic Erasmus

3D reconstruction from multi-view X-ray images

Seed Fund Programme – Callosal by Rupert Spann

Callosal is a framework standardising the structure of information interchange – independent of the naming schema / taxonomy of an organisation / system. The goal of the project is to optimise information discovery, and information flow, to allow efficient collection and representation of information for decision making. The framework also allows code reuse for visualisation, analysis and automation as the application is developed independent of the schema used within an organisation.

Seed Fund Programme – IronHive: Server Array by Steyn Meyer

A self-contained compute and server array that provides compute & data storage

Seed Fund Programme – A GPS Calibrator by Romeo Gamatham

A mobile GPS Calibrator for calibrating radio receivers at radio observatories and the telecommunication sector

Seed Fund Programme – Personalised HIV Platform by Bradley Segal / Diane Williamson

A personalised screening and disease management tool applied to the identification, management & treatment of STDs and chronic diseases

Seed Fund Programme – Low cost engineered prosthetic limb (foot/lower leg) development by Japie Ludick

Develop of a cost-effective foot & lower limb prosthetic uniquely test bed to qualify it aligned to industry & certification standards