Telescopes and Instruments

MeerKAT Digitiser

The Digitiser is the sub-system of the MeerKAT telescope which is responsible for converting the signals received from outer space into a digital format that can be manipulated by digital processing platforms such as computers and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)

Bursts from Space: Citizen Science Project

Looking at the sky with radio telescopes provides a unique insight into a range of exciting and exotic phenomena. From stellar flares on nearby stars to exploding supernovae in a […]

The South African National Ventilator Project (NVP)

The South African National Ventilator Project (NVP) is a co-ordinated national effort in response to the Covid-19 pandemic involving the local design and manufacture of breathing apparatus devices used in […]

Geodesy Programme

Geodesy, also called geodetics, a branch of earth sciences, is the scientific discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth, including its gravitational field, in a three-dimensional time-varying space. Geodesists also study geodynamical phenomena such as crustal motion, tides, and polar motion.

Precision Array for Probing the Epoch of Re-ionisation project (PAPER)

The primary goal of PAPER is to detect emission from the neutral gas that pervaded the universe before the first galaxies and black holes were formed. This ‘epoch of reionization’, […]

KAT-7 Telescopes

The seven-dish MeerKAT precursor array, KAT-7, is the world’s first radio telescope array consisting of composite antenna structures.

C-BASS C-Band All Sky Survey project

C-BASS is a project to map the sky in microwave (short-wavelength radio) radiation.

Hydrogen Epoch of Reionisation Array radio telescope (HERA)

To solve the mystery of how we came to be where we are, astronomers must look back in time to a transitional period of cosmic history that has been dubbed […]

26m and 15m telescopes at Hartebeesthoek

Hartebeesthoek is located 65 kilometers north-west of Johannesburg, just within the provincial boundary of Gauteng. The nearest town, Krugersdorp, is 32 km distant. The telescope is situated in an isolated […]

MeerKAT Telescope

MeerKAT is a radio interferometer located in the Northern Cape province of South Africa (at 30 deg South, 21 deg East) consisting of 64 dishes with baselines of up to […]