MeerKAT Student Community

Given the large MeerKAT community with students of all levels and interests, the MeerKAT student community presents a collection of lectures and training videos addressing all aspects of radio astronomy and the MeerKAT telescope.

Introduction to COLAB for MeerKAT tutorials
Many of the MeerKAT tutorials make use of the Google Colaboratory (COLAB)  platform to allow student interaction and experimentation without the need for local installation. This video presents a gentle introduction to running Jupyter notebooks in COLAB and is aimed at newbies unfamiliar with this free Google mini-cloud service.
Introduction to the SARAO archive interface
A short video introducing the basic layout and user interaction of the SARAO archive interface to student users accessing MeerKAT data for the first time. From login, to important things to notice, and including where to find help. All in a nutshell.