Vivo Kaj Lumo is a Cape Town-based design studio, found in 2019, that has been developing their functional art and décor as a means to introduce plants into urban spaces.

They believe the connection with nature is an answer to many of the social and environmental challenges we face today and they work to grow a culture around appreciation and viable growing of plants, especially in indoor spaces. The question is whether we can restore harmony and balance, and Vivo Kaj Lumo intends to leave lush green footprints all over the city, along their journey to find out.

“We strive to make our end products using only materials that are sustainable and good for the environment, with our own hands, thought up with our own minds, and using equipment that is powered by the sun. All our artworks contain life. Literally, each item holds a plant. ”

Their artworks are available for purchase and/or rental. Vivo Kaj Lumo aspires to work with architects and interior designers in order to have more impact, but all enquiries that will help our cause are welcome.
Let’s celebrate Life with Art, Plants & Light!